Our customers are getting local and corporate race sponsorships for 2010.  So can you its not too late. GetBacked.com is offering you a pre-packaged sponsorship proposal kit and contact information that can get you sponsored. Sponsorship in North America is projected to reach over 10 Billion in 2010.  You can definitely get financed/equipped and we show you how through previously used sponsorship proposals and hard to find corporate contact information.  We have yet to have one of our customer's seek sponsorship and fail. The "Wanna Get Backed" Cd-rom  is a comprehensive report that is easy to follow and will help you get started immediately.

We have all the information you need to contact ready-and-waiting sponsors. Just put your name in and print.  It's that easy! This newly copyrighted Cd-Rom is the result of countless interviews with successful racers and thorough research. We are offering you a 100% satisfaction guarantee on our product. If you are serious about getting sponsored the "Wanna Get Backed" Cd-rom is exactly what you need. Click below to read customer success stories or submit one of your own success stories.

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